Ford Spells Out European Carbon Neutral Plan

Ford has released its strategic plan to achieve carbon neutrality over its vehicle production operations in Europe by 2035.

This will include logistics and direct suppliers, as well as zero tailpipe emissions for all cars and vans. The plan, outlined in the automaker’s 2023 Integrated Sustainability and Financial Report, intends to plot the company’s progress on creating a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable transportation future.

The latest report shares new data that claims to show Ford is also on track to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2050 across its global vehicles, operations and supply chain. It highlights progress on initiatives aligned with the company’s commitment to source raw materials that are responsibly produced and make its BEV and battery supply chain more transparent.

Ford of Britain has launched its UK Road to Better site here, with France, Germany, Italy, Spain and further markets to follow. These will highlight Ford initiatives designed to help build a more sustainable future and will demonstrate progress towards defined sustainability goals.

In 2021, Ford initiated EV and battery supply chain mapping and auditing to better understand the origins of raw materials in its EV supply chain, including nickel, lithium, cobalt and graphite. To date, the project has conducted 30 supplier audits along these four critical mineral battery supply chains at all tiers to the mine site. In early 2023, along with its suppliers, the company also underwent an audit of its nickel, lithium and cobalt due diligence management systems. Building on that process, Ford strengthened its corporate practices, including introducing new environmental, social and governance requirements into its sourcing agreements.

Ford’s executive chair Bill Ford, said: “We believe the long-term success of any business is inextricably linked with creating value for customers, employees and communities, while also caring for the planet. We are undertaking a massive transformation to lead the electric and connected era of transportation and are committed to being transparent about our progress and opportunities for improvement. We are excited and optimistic about the future and look forward to making carbon-neutral transportation a reality.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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