Ford Pledges Negative Carbon Emissions for Spin by 2025

Ford’s micro-mobility arm, Spin, promises to become carbon emissions negative in its operations by 2025.

The pledge to eliminate more carbon than it produces entails changing the way Spin currently operates, from the carbon produced when manufacturing electric scooters to ensuring the sources of power used to recharge scooters every day are renewable.

Achieving this goal involves conducting an ongoing internal audit of carbon emissions across each aspect of the business in line with Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The company says this “carbon accounting” process provides a baseline and helps it identify the biggest areas for improvement. It is also working to better quantify the extent to which its offering is replacing car trip miles in cities.

The company is taking on this challenge by committing to four goals that contribute the most to carbon emissions:

  • Transition operations to 100% plug-in hybrid vehicles and BEVs;
    ● Source power for recharging to 100% renewable energy;
    ● Integrate rider mode shift as a core company sustainability metric;
    ● Achieve a minimum 24 month lifetime for Spin vehicles and 100% landfill avoidance.

Derrick Ko, CEO and co-founder of Spin, said: “Our sustainability goal is part of the commitments we have made to many cities where we operate and we plan to keep them. From New York and Chicago to Paris and London, cities around the world are setting ambitious goals to combat climate change. We will rise to the occasion and transform the way we do business.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


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