Ford Follows Nissan Into Home Charging Offer

Ford is following in the electric foot-steps of Nissan with a deal offering its own electrified vehicle owners one-stop charging solution.

Nissan has been involved in home and work place EV charging points since 2017 and its car-to-grid charger and energy recycling equipment developed alongside OVO. Now Ford plans a similar relationship in the UK and Ireland with energy provider Centrica who will provide charging installations and energy tariffs designed to for Ford plug-in hybrid and BEV customers.

The company will also develop an approved installation service for the Ford dealership network as the carmaker drives forward its plans for an electrified option across its model range including mild hybrid, full hybrid, plug-in hybrid or BEV. Planned future models include a Mustang-inspired BEV performance SUV in late 2020, a BEV Transit in 2021 and a new high-volume model planned for 2023.

Andy Barratt, managing director, Ford of Britain, said: “Ford is committed to delivering one of the most comprehensive line-ups of electrified vehicles for our customers, powered through the Ford home charger Wall Boxes. With their scale, experience and access to the electric grid, our partnership with Centrica will enable us to offer a one-stop shop for our customers as they transition to an electrified vehicle, including exciting new vehicle options, wall box, installation service and electricity tariff.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_




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