Flying Taxis Get UK Government Help

Flying Taxis Get UK Government Help

The UK government has granted money to its aviation regulator, supporting a project that aims to remove “regulatory barriers” to flying taxis.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (DBEIS) is awarding “up to £1M” to the country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to support its Innovation in Aviation Engagement Capability project. This project is forecast to include a regulatory brain trust made up of relevant figures who will collectively establish potential future legal and regulatory obstacles to new aviation services, including flying taxis.

The money will come from the DBEIS’ Regulators’ Pioneer Fund. CAA director Tim Johnson said: “The CAA recognizes that it has an important role to play in facilitating innovation in aviation, and in doing so continue to focus on passenger and public safety and security. We are delighted to have support from the Regulators’ Pioneer Fund to advance this innovation agenda.” He also claimed the money would allow his organization “to give some innovators earlier guidance on proposals, allow more safe testing of new products and services and develop new regulatory frameworks for emerging technologies.”

Sadly, Johnson didn’t give any indications as to what companies are developing flying taxis or what designs for the vehicles are in the offing. Watch this space.


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