Fleet Manager, Telematics Maker Launching Single-Unit Hardware

Fleet Manager, Telematics Maker Launching Single-Unit Hardware

A fleet services company is partnering with a telematics maker to launch a device they claim fulfills fleet managers’ services every requirement in one unit.

SmartDrive Systems and Geotab say their new product will “simplify” the amount of technology on a fleet driver’s dashboard, and will provide all of SmartDrive’s existing services within one “on-board data collection hub”. The product is a box they say can provide “a single integrated and aligned understanding of time, location, and driver and vehicle performance to third-party applications”. They claim this will reduce fleet managers’ vehicle ownership costs.

The companies say the product will eliminate the need for a number of hardware and software programs through Geotab telematics products interpreting the telematics data that SmartDrive’s platform transmits to fleet managers.

SmartDrive Systems CEO Steve Mitgang said: “The ability to integrate and operate applications from a single data collection platform breaks through significant technology and operational barriers – unlocking efficiency gains for fleets across routes, drivers, and risk … we believe this is a transformational shift”.

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