Fleet Drivers Like EVs But Won’t Buy Them

There is a large gap between fleet managers saying their drivers like driving EVs and consumers wanting to buy them, a survey has found.

The AA’s Operational Fleet Insight Report 2019-20 found that while 57% of fleet managers believe drivers in their fleets prefer driving an EV over an ICE vehicle, only 13% would actually consider buying one. When asked what fuel their next vehicle purchase would use, 53% said gasoline with 13% apiece for electric and diesel, whereas PHEV fared slightly better at 18%.

The barriers to entry for buying an EV are still the perceived lack of charging infrastructure and the initial cost of a vehicle, with 64% of consumers believing the charging infrastructure to be the main barrier. Within five years, 57% of fleets expect to be using EVs in some capacity with 29% currently using them. This is contrasted by 89% of fleets currently using diesel vehicles with 75% expecting to still be using diesel in some capacity in 2024. Gasoline use is also likely to slip slightly with 67% using now versus 63% expected in five years.

TU-Automotive spoke to Mike Vousden, automotive analyst at GlobalData, to gain some insight. He said: “This tallies with our findings in relation to consumer sentiment for EVs. There is definitely a gulf between the vehicles automotive companies are designing for next-generation mobility and the feedback from consumers in terms of the actual vehicles they want to purchase. Many barriers to increased EV adoption revolve around negative consumer perceptions of EV ownership – range, cost, recharging availability – and challenging these perceptions will be critical to bringing EVs to the mass market.”

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