Fisker’s Whopping Price for its Whopping Hyper-BEV

Fisker has announced its new hypercar BEV, the Rōnin Super GT, will be limited to 999 models priced at a very hypercar price of $385,000 in the US.

The all-electric convertible claims the equivalent of 986bhp, the estimated 0-60mph sprint time will be about two seconds on the way to a 170mph top speed. All this while boasting enough seating for five people.

It’s named after the John Frankenheimer film of the same name notable for its car chase scenes, something unlikely to attract many passengers of a nervous disposition. The automaker says that while it will feature automated driving technology, its focus will be on driver enjoyment.

The Fisker Rōnin will features an aluminum space frame with integrated battery cells to achieve its targeted 600-mile range. Rear butterfly doors allow easy rear-seat access with only a single door handle because the front doors open electrically by swiping the handle or by using a smartphone. The handle then extends when the rear doors are ready to be opened. All doors can be opened remotely by a smartphone, and the foldable, carbon-fiber hardtop will also be smartphone activated and automatically retract into the trunk, leaving some luggage space. Additional luggage space will be available in the front trunk.

Early customers could place a deposit of $2,000 for the first reservation and a fully refundable $1,000 for the second. Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker, said: “The Fisker Rōnin is for people who love to drive but who are also thrilled by automotive art and design and demand that their high-performance vehicles embrace a sustainable future. Our goal was to create a classic grand touring car, updated for the 21st century and engineered for customers who want to drive from Los Angeles to Napa Valley on a single charge or take on the autobahn at steady high speeds without concern for battery capacity.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_  and Threads

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