Fisker’s First Solid State BEV

Fisker has shown off teaser images of its first BEV with solid-state battery and which also follows Hyundai’s lead by featuring a solar panel roof.

The car claims to manage 300 miles on a single charge of its 80kW battery pack, with the solar panels running the length of the vehicle’s roof. It will also be all-wheel drive, which suggests it will go head-to-head with the upcoming Tesla Model Y SUV.

Henrik Fisker, founder of the company, said in a recent tweet that the company aims to “make the world’s most sustainable vehicle”. He goes on to say that the interior uses recycled materials and has a spacious inside.

This sustainable strategy goes further, using solid-state batteries, as TU-Automotive spoke to Henrik Fisker exclusively about last year, instead of environmentally-costly lithium-ion batteries, which produce harmful gasses when produced and disposed of. Fisker anticipates for the unnamed car to cost around $40,000, with availability in 2021.

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