First Smart City V2X Project Launched in China

First Smart City V2X Project Launched in China

A Chinese start-up is claiming a world’s first in V2X project demonstrating a real-world smart city infrastructure of the future.

Human Horizons has unveiled its ‘Smart Road Demonstration Project’ in Yancheng, China. Using “road sensing”, “cloud computing coordination” and “in-vehicle control” technologies, the smart road is claimed to be able to handle real-life traffic scenarios including city and inter-city traffic on both highways and overpasses. It also claims to support Level 3, 4 and 5 autonomous driving.

As a key part of the project the company has developed H.H Pilot for autonomous driving, H.H Parking for autonomous parking and H.H RSA-C for road-sensing architecture for V2X coordination. The three platforms could work together to improve road safety, alleviate traffic congestion, and better allocate road resources.

Ding Lei, chairman of Human Horizons, said: “Smart Transportation is an important component of smart cities. It is one of the best areas for implementing AI and Big Data analysis technologies. This is receiving great attention in major countries around the world. Building smart roads is of strategic significance to the transformation and upgrade of the auto industry and to the creation of smart city ecosystems.”

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