First ‘live to cellphone’ traffic service launched in South Africa

First ‘live to cellphone’ traffic service launched in South Africa

miTRAFFIC sends up-to-date information on traffic incidents to subscribers with WAP-enabled cellphones on the MTN and Vodacom networks.

The traffic data is collected via the Tracker SkyTrax units in more than 100,000 vehicles throughout South Africa.

Using this data, average speeds can be determined for sections of road at any time. By overlaying the information compiled by TrafficNet, which runs a national traffic incident service, the most comprehensive picture of traffic flow patterns and incidents available in South Africa today can be generated.

The user interfaces and delivery mechanisms for the miTRAFFIC service were developed by Cellfind, the company that introduced services like Vodacom's Look4me and Look4Help and MTN's WhereRU and 2MyAid.

miTRAFFIC provides all reported traffic incidents and a traffic "temperature" map for areas within a 50 km radius of the subscribed location. miTRAFFIC also provides traffic incidents and temperature maps for ‘Home' and ‘Work' locations as registered by the customer. The traffic alerts are sent out at a time determined by the customer.

The service is charged at ZAR12 a week and subscribers receive ten traffic updates per week for a service charge of ZAR12 per week, or ZAR1.20 per update. Additional requests for traffic updates are provided at ZAR1.50 each. But it's also a case of use it or lose it: unused updates are not rolled over to the following week.

Users need a WAP-enabled cellphone but do not need to have a vehicle tracking device in their vehicle. Also, users must be on the Vodacom or MTN mobile networks; the service is not available to Cell-C or Virgin subscribers.

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