First European Charging Infrastructure Testing Center Opened

Automotive charging infrastructure company, Ionity, has set up its first European center to test all aspects of vehicle charging in Germany.

Its technology test center in Unterschleissheim, Bavaria, claims to be the is the world’s first e-mobility test site with full end-to-end testing, including testing on functional technologies such as Plug and Charge. The 16,500 square foot site, just outside Munich, will carry out validation and interoperability tests between EVS and charging stations as well as regression and software tests. This makes it possible to perform tests on almost all high-power charging stations available on the European market in one location.

All tests are monitored and logged with charging processes recorded in detail by the test equipment. Currently, the company’s technicians are developing use cases and flowcharts for tests on various hardware models. The goal is to improve charging reliability, regardless of the vehicle manufacturer, and to use market innovations in the company’s network only after they have successfully passed testing.

Laurence Langenbrink, lead testing services at Ionity, said: “Every company interprets interface standards slightly differently in the process. In our test center, we can closely examine all steps in the charging process, from authentication and power transfer to the end of charging, and get feedback on any incompatibilities or issues. Thanks to our mobile testing equipment, a truck with a controllable electrical load that can charge at a maximum of 350 kW and simulate corresponding vehicles. Real-time charging simulations and validation tests can also be carried out on-site at our customers’ premises.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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