Final Production Specs of Czinger Hybrid Hypercar Revealed

America hyper-car builder, Czinger, has released the final specifications for its market-ready hybrid 21C.

The automaker, Czinger, which employs an in-house human-AI production system, says the 21C will be limited to 80 cars. It first broke cover at a hastily reorganized debut in London’s Eastend following the cancellation of the 2020 Geneva International Motor Show.

It also features all-wheel drive with a strong hybrid powertrain that includes:

  • An in-house developed 2.88-liter, flat crank V8 with twin turbos located mid-vehicle;
  • Two high output electric motors, each powering a front wheel with torque vectoring;
  • An ultra-light, sequential seven-speed automated manual transmission gearbox;
  • Total output of 1,233bhp redlining at 11,000 rpm (A 97bhp upgrade is offered providing 1,330bhp);
  • The 21C V8 is designed to use a range of fuels, including carbon recycled methanol and other e-fuels, so it can be run as a zero-emission vehicle.

The 21C’s hybrid powertrain claims to use the world’s most power dense production internal combustion engine that is located mid-vehicle. The V8 is coupled with an 800V electric drive and regeneration system. An e-motor drives each front wheel and the batteries are charged during operation both through regenerative braking and a motor generator unit using a gear drive that is attached to the engine.

The hypercar claims a top speed up to 281mph in optional low drag vmax configuration. Putting the driver and passenger in the center position for ultimate weight distribution, aero and driver engagement, its quarter mile time is 8.1 seconds, and it sprints 0-to-62mph in 1.9 seconds; 0-to-186mph to standstill in 13.8 seconds and 0-to-248 mph to 0 in 27.1 seconds.

Computer engineered, printed and assembled, each component claims peak theoretical performance. For example, the front upper control arm is hollow with internal structures allowing it to achieve significant mass savings compared to a traditional tooled variant, reducing un-sprung mass. Prices and availability have yet to be announced.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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