Fiat offers new integrated Blue&Me – TomTom

Fiat offers new integrated Blue&Me – TomTom

The Fiat – TomTom partnership has resulted in the tightest integration between a PND and a car the industry has ever seen.

With Blue&Me – TomTom, Fiat is responding to customer demand for flexible and user-friendly navigation solutions that are both easy to use and updateable.

Blue&Me – TomTom will offer the latest features available on TomTom devices, such as IQ RoutesTM for the fastest route and accurate arrival times.

Lorenzo Sistino, CEO of Fiat Automobiles, commented: "Blue&Me-TomTom is a fully integrated infotainment system that lets you manage telephone, navigation and driving information on an easy to use colour touch-screen."

The new system also incorporates Fiat's eco:Drive Info for real-time information on driving style and useful suggestions for reducing environmental impact and optimising consumption by changing gear and using the accelerator according to the nature of the route.

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