FEV Claims Level 4 Autonomy for Worksite Truck

Specialist vehicle developer, FEV, claims to have converted its worksite cargo and passenger mover to Level 4 autonomous capability.

Its engineers in Turkey have developed advanced driverless functions for the all-electric Tragger LCV, which are aimed at use various commercial and industrial settings. Production will take place at Tragger’s facility in Bursa, Turkey.

In its original, non-autonomous state, the vehicle offer a load capacity of 1,543lbs and the ability to tow as much as two metric tons. When loaded, the 10-feet long truck can handle a gradient of up to 17% and offer turning circles of nine feet in diameter for maneuverability. With a two-speed gearbox, the vehicle can accept a full charge in six hours with a traditional main current of 220V and boasts a Quick-Drop battery pack makes for serviceability.

Its driverless sibling now hosts seven LiDAR sensors, one radar device and one camera. The manufacturer claims the vehicle can detect a 360 degree surrounding environment, separate moving objects up to 262 feet away and calculate the probability of collision. AI-based image processing algorithms claim the ability to parse features such as lanes, pedestrians and obstacles allows the vehicle to move in heavy traffic environment.

Dr Taner Göçmez, managing director of FEV Turkey, said: “New technologies are rapidly changing mobility and, here, electrification, automated driving and connectivity elements stand out. Collecting experiences on the TRAGGER vehicle helped a great deal to accelerate R&D outputs. In addition, a wide range of Level 2 functions are in focus as well. These include advanced emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with stop and go function, lane keeping assistant, blind spot detection, parking assistant and forward collision warning.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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