Fastrax and MtekVision partner to deliver GPS solution

Fastrax and MtekVision partner to deliver GPS solution

Fastrax has announced a partnership with MtekVision to deliver the first commercially available platform for Fastrax Software GPS.

Fastrax Software GPS is integrated with MtekVision's Maple-3X media processors, which have dual ARM9 350MHz processors and APEX, MtekVision's next generation massively parallel SIMD processor-based DSP.

Fastrax Software GPS can be fully tailored to meet the requirements of each specific application and device to better service the wide variety of multimedia devices.

The software-based approach is expected to significantly increase the amount of GPS-enabled devices beyond high-end cell phones and PNDs.

"With Fastrax Software GPS, our customers can now add location-based applications to the Maple based multimedia products at the industry's lowest cost and smallest footprint," said Simon Morris, CEO of MtekVision Canada. "Our customers also value the flexibility that a software GPS implementation can bring where processing resources can be dynamically applied to increase performance in severe fading conditions such as dense urban environments."

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