Fashionista Bikers Join Airbag Party

Motorcycle apparel specialist Dainese has expanded its airbag range with a vest that can be worn inside or outside any normal coat or jacket.

The move opens up airbag protection of vital organs even for lifestyle user/commuters who tend to shun the biker look. Its Smart Jacket uses the D-air airbag technology that has been used on Dainese touring jackets and racing suits for several years. The vest does not require any connection to the bike and, being foldable, can be stowed away in a top-box or under the seat of a scooter when off the machine.

The “brain” of Smart Jacket is the triggering algorithm. The electronic central unit analyses 1,000 times per second the data transmitted by seven sensors and detects any dangerous situations, activating the system only when necessary. The Shield is at the heart of the protection provided by Smart Jacket, guaranteeing that the inflation is even and controlled throughout the entire surface. It covers the chest and back, claiming the same degree of protection as seven Level 1 back protectors, despite not having any form of hardshell protective gear inside.

Dainese Smart Jacket is available in six sizes, with a version for men and a version for women. It will be in stores from July, and will retail in Europe at $716.67

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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