Evolve Your Business Models, Not Just Your Vehicles

Evolve Your Business Models, Not Just Your Vehicles

Trending toward electrification and increasingly powered by technology, today’s vehicles are evolving rapidly. The result is tremendous opportunity for modernizing automotive architecture and the driver’s experience in the cockpit.

These always-connected vehicles are becoming continually upgradable platforms that can be customized throughout their lifecycle. This shift allows consumers to make their vehicle an extension of their digital life and personalize the driving experience. It also sets automakers up for a new realm of ongoing revenue opportunities.

Now is the time for manufacturers to take advantage of growing consumer demand for next-generation vehicles and transportation solutions. Automakers with their eye on the future are following three basic steps as they navigate the transformation of their industry.

1. Differentiate and own the consumer experience.  
The traditional chassis gave automakers a few options, like power train, body type and suspension. The digital chassis at the heart of the software-defined vehicle allows them to customize as never before. Automakers can extend their unique brand identity into the vehicle and build deep relationships with customers long after the vehicle has left the lot. With 5G, automakers can make car ownership more convenient by offering services like predictive maintenance, on-demand movie streaming, location tracking and alerts, and much more.

2. Provide an upgrade path. 
Having the car connected to the cloud means manufacturers can deliver feature upgrades throughout the vehicle lifecycle and reduce the pressure at the time of sale. Consumers purchase an entry-level vehicle, then have opportunities to adopt luxury technology features later for a premium experience. Car-to-cloud services enable options like increased processing power for higher-quality infotainment, more precise positioning for premium navigation, and an upgrade from 4G to 5G for greater speed.

3. Foster an ecosystem of digital services. 
As consumer demand for unique features and use cases in next-generation vehicles continues to grow, automakers want to retain control of the experience in the cockpit. The way to differentiate the cockpit experience and stay connected to customers is to work with partners who can bring new, cloud-connected apps and services into the vehicle. That is the key to unlocking new revenue opportunities for all players in the ecosystem.

In the midst of rapid transformation, the automotive industry is ripe for innovative experiences and business models. With more than 20 years of experience working with automakers around the globe, we are committed to helping our partners succeed and thrive in this digital transformation.

Watch these videos to learn how the Snapdragon® Digital Chassis™ from Qualcomm Technologies is helping create more intelligent and immersive experiences in the cockpit, including new vehicles from Volvo and Renault.

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