EV Infrastructure Company, Fleet Operator Forge Partnership

EV Infrastructure Company, Fleet Operator Forge Partnership

An electric vehicle infrastructure company is partnering with an electric fleet operator in a bid to expand the Indian market for EVs.

SUN Mobility’s rapid battery-swapping tech is to be trialed at SmartE’s charge points for its fleet of three-wheeled EVs over the next month. SUN claims its “smart” lithium ion batteries can be swapped in under two minutes, thus reducing the vehicle’s weight by around 220 pounds.

SmartE CEO Goldie Srivastava said his company wants to use the partnership “to roll out 100,000 vehicles by 2022”. He claims this “will help reduce close to 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions”. His comments suggest both parties feel India can be a real center of increased EV adoption.

This could be partly attributable to the incentives that a GlobalDataEnergy report says the government there has been introducing since 2012 to try and increase purchases of the vehicles, including the legalization of unlicensed charging stations. The government wants over 30% of the country’s vehicles to be run electrically by 2030, and the Ministry of Power has created the National Electric Mobility Programme to achieve this aim.

SUN vice-chairman Chetan Maini said: “Conventional electric three-wheelers that run on lead-acid batteries usually require eight hours of overnight charging and four hours of opportunity charge during the day. The assets remain idle half of the time … caus[ing] a loss of potential revenue. Our solution, through swapping, enables them to realize the full potential of last-mile transport and clock more than 150km per day”.


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