EV Company, JV Link for Expanded Charging

EV Company, JV Link for Expanded Charging

An electric vehicle charging company is partnering with several automotive and tech heavy hitters’ joint venture to offer US EV drivers expanded charging coverage.

Blink Charging operates a network of charging stations, while Hubject is a joint venture whose members include BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler, and Siemens, and which provides the intercharge charging platform to drivers of its members’ EVs. Blink and Hubject claim their new partnership means all intercharge users will gain access to all of Blink’s charging stations.

They also claim the move will “facilitate essential two-way telemetric communication between EVs, charging networks, and car manufacturers”. Blink adds that it finds the move commercial appealing, as it allows it to target buyers of EVs made by any Hubject member with its services at the point of purchase.

Blink founder and CEO Michael D Farkas said he thought the move would also “improve charging station infrastructure, enhance the EV driver user experience, [and] further accelerate EV adoption”. Hubject North American CEO Paul Glenney added that he thought it would “set the standard for open collaboration in our e-mobility industry”.

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