EV Charging Networks Partnership in Europe and US

A joint enterprise between two EV charging networks could allow owners to ‘roam’ between networks increasing potential charging points.

ChargePoint and EVBox have announced the partnership strategy to begin in January 2019, open to EV drivers traveling throughout Europe and North America. The agreement eliminates the need to register for multiple accounts and ensures drivers don’t incur additional fees when roaming.

Both companies claim this partnership represents the first global agreement to enable roaming between EV charging networks and reinforces their shared commitment to provide an open network that is accessible for all. This move opens up tens of thousands of charging spots distributed across both continents.

By 2025, ChargePoint and EVBox collectively pledged to expand their global networks to 3.5 million places to charge to accelerate the mass adoption of e-mobility.

This roaming agreement is based on the open charge point interface (OCPI) protocol, an independent protocol that enables network operators to exchange key information needed to provide roaming services, claiming a number of benefits:

  • Better information about the status (availability and location) of charging points;
  • Better insight in costs before, during and after charging, while ensuring the privacy of driver account information;
  • Larger network of charging locations to charge;
  • One single interface for direct payment (international) at charging points.

“We are at the tipping point of a revolution in transportation and this agreement underscores our commitment to providing charging solutions everywhere EV drivers go by increasing access to broadly distributed charging solutions that are vital to ushering in the next chapter in mobility,” said Pasquale Romano, president and CEO, ChargePoint.

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox, added: “I strongly hope other eMobility providers and operators will also be inspired to form similar partnerships and agreements. A few weeks ago, I attended the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, where we were all reminded of the importance of working together in the fight against climate change. This roaming agreement is another important step which brings us closer to reaching that ambitious goal.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_



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