EV Charging Network Plans Californian Expansion

EV Charging Network Plans Californian Expansion

A Californian electric vehicle charging network has announced expansion plans.

EVgo says it plans to add hundreds of chargers to its existing network in the state this year. It currently operates over 1000 public fast battery chargers there, where it has to compete with eMotorWerks and Greenlots. It hopes to increase the numbers of fast chargers it operates in its two key markets, the San Francisco bay area and the Los Angeles metropolitan area, by 59% and 44% respectively by the end of 2018.

EVgo claims to be the US’ “largest public fast charging network”. CEO Cathy Zoi describes the company’s aim as being “to enable access to a better way to drive by building a reliable and convenient network of public fast chargers … the next two years are critical for transportation electrification as automakers begin deliveries from the $100Bn they are investing to retool for EV manufacturing.”

It professes to have “reduced curtailment of solar and wind power by several gigawatt-hours” across the state this year alone as a result of its “strong investment” in the politically EV-friendly state. The company says its own calculations show that by the end of this year, its US-wide network “will annually avoid more than 30,000 metric tons of CO2e and power more than 150M miles of electric vehicle travel”.


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