EV Black Cab Company Branches Into LCVs

The London EV Company (LEVC) has reworked its passenger carrying electric black cab into a light commercial vehicle.

Retaining the gasoline range extender system, the plug-in LCV claims an electric-only range of 80 miles while being capable of 377 miles on a tank of fuel. LEVC says it is targeting businesses whose drivers travel around 100 miles a day in mixed town and country work.

The company has not said if there are any significant differences to its current powertrain in the LEVC TX black cab which uses a 31kWh battery to power a 110kW electric motor, alongside a 1.5L gasoline engine. LEVC is owned by Chinese automotive giant Geely, which also owns Volvo. While the LCV, and the majority of black cabs, are made in Coventry where LEVC is based, there is also a factory making LEVC vehicles in China for the export market.

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