EV Auto-Charging Tech Debuts on GM’s Ride-Sharing Service

EV Auto-Charging Tech Debuts on GM’s Ride-Sharing Service

GM’s service allowing non-car owners to drive for ride-sharing businesses is being used to launch North America’s first ‘automatic’ electric vehicle charging technology.

Maven Gig is being used for the initial rollout of Autocharge, which its maker, EVgo, claims is the first ever service in North America allowing a driver to rapidly charge their EV without using an app, credit card, or radio-frequency identification (RFID). EVgo claims it does this by “instantly recognizing a customer’s vehicle and initiating automatic charging after a one-time registration”.

The company said the service will debut on its network for Maven Gig members before rolling it out to all EVgo members with vehicles that use combined charging systems by the end of 2019. Maven Gig electrification project lead Frank Marotta Jr claimed Autocharge would “simplify” EV charging and “eliminate much of the hassle associated with RFID-card management”.


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