Europe News: Why IVS is such a big deal – What the experts say

Europe News:  Why IVS is such a big deal – What the experts say

Telematics Update has published the first in a series of three articles on Intelligent Vehicle Safety issues, based on exclusive interviews with Volvo, NAVTEQ, ERTICO and other active safety experts.

IVS is fast becoming a competitive advantage in the European automotive world. As it enters the phase of consumer education and mass market deployment, the impact of the reciprocal relationship developing between consumers and vendors will be a defining factor in sorting the IVS technology successes from the failures.

In the first in a series of three online articles, IVS experts, who are also on the speaker line-up at the European Intelligent Vehicle Safety Summit 2008, discuss why their organisations are taking a vested interest in this rapidly changing industry.

The article offers insight into the drivers behind industry changes, the increasing technological changes of sensors, fusion, vehicle communication, and map-based applications.

The industry experts also talk about what active safety will inevitably lead to – autonomous cars.

“It’ll happen in the next ten to fifteen years,” says TRG’s Egil Juliussen.

This is in stark contrast to NAVTEQ’s Bob Denaro, who says it’s already here: “When you weren’t looking, we already entered the phase of autonomous driving.”

General Motors engineer Jim Nickolau would have to agree with Denaro. Nickolau will be speaking at the IVS Summit about the car that won the DARPA Urban Challenge and the technologies that made it possible.

“Today’s innovative active safety technologies will be the standard technology of tomorrow in a mass market worth billions by 2015,” says Telematics Update’s IVS industry analyst, Rayan Jawad. “Those who intend to stay ahead of the competition are investing heavily now to ensure they know exactly which technologies those will be.”

The full article is available as a free download from, along with white papers and presentations on IVS, in the run up to the European Intelligent Vehicle Safety Summit 2008, which takes place on 11-12 March in Frankfurt.

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