Europe News: UK Highways Agency rolls out £6m traffic flow system

Europe News: UK Highways Agency rolls out £6m traffic flow system

A scheme intended to reduce congestion and improve traffic flows on Yorkshire and the Humber's busiest junctions has entered its latest phase.

The new Motorway Access Management system began operations this month on the M1 at Junction 40 northbound at Wakefield and Junction 33 southbound at Rotherham.

Motorway Access Management is to be installed at seven locations on the M62 and M1, chosen as part of a £6 million nationwide project to reduce congestion and improve safety, by helping traffic filter smoothly and safely onto the motorway without impeding those drivers already on the road.

The system uses sensors in the motorway surface to evaluate traffic flow, while further sensors on slip roads switch it off should traffic start to build up and threaten to impede the local road network.

It has been used in The Netherlands and the USA, and was also previously installed on a number of M6 and M62 sites in the North West.

A trial of the scheme on the M6 near Birmingham reduced congestion and improved journey times by up to 11%.

The Rotherham and Wakefield installations represent the third phase of the project, which went live at Junction 25 of the M62 near Brighouse earlier this month.

Two more sites are due to go live in the coming weeks.

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