Europe News: Tracker moves into caravan market

Europe News:  Tracker moves into caravan market

UK-based Bailey Caravans is fitting a recovery system, developed by Tracker specifically for caravans, as standard in select models.

The caravan system works in the same way as the Tracker Monitor system, which a motion sensor that recognises if the vehicle is being tampered with. Once activated and the theft confirmed, the system emits a silent VHF signal detectable by patrolling police.

Tracker is the only stolen vehicle recovery company with a direct working relationship with all 52 police forces in the UK.

According to Bailey Caravans marketing director, Simon Howard, despite various security features offered by the manufacturer, caravan theft is on the increase.

Richard Pearse, Tracker’s European manufacturer manager, said that the company has recovered almost stolen vehicles worth £350 million since 1993, and while it has supplied units to caravan owners in the past, it’s only now, with the development of the extra power supply, that the company is able to offer a tailored system that guarantees cover during long periods of inactivity, e.g. when a caravan is placed into storage.

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