Europe News: Tele Atlas and Oracle establish Centre for Innovation

Europe News:  Tele Atlas and Oracle establish Centre for Innovation

Tele Atlas and Oracle have announced a collaboration to create the European Centre for Innovation in Geospatial & Location Based Services (LBS).

The Centre is a multi-disciplinary community focused on the introduction of new ideas, knowledge sharing, value proposition building and networking for the geospatial and LBS arenas.

According to Tele Atlas chief operating officer (EMAE), Jack Reinelt, the intention is to create a dynamic community of application developers, hardware vendors, academics, researchers, users and buying organisations that will provide opportunities to share ideas and solutions.

“The ability to determine the position of anyone or anything in real-time is driving new business opportunities in many industries,” said Xavier Verhaeghe, Oracle’s managing director (Belgium & Luxemburg). “There is a growing ecosystem of solution providers offering complementary hardware, software and data needed to drive the geospatial and location-based services. Collaboration is key to success.”

Community members will be able to find potential partners and buyers in their own countries, and will also have access to help in taking their solutions into new geographic and industry markets.

Tele Atlas and Oracle will establish an Advisory Board, combining commercial and academic expertise, which will serve to provide objective, balanced guidance on activities and focus areas.

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