Europe News: Secureseal and ASLH enter into technology alliance

Europe News:  Secureseal and ASLH enter into technology alliance

Secureseal and ASL Holdings (ASLH) have teamed up to bring a new range of fleet management solutions to the UK market.

The partnership brings together Secureseal’s expertise in security seals and RFID location technology with ASLH’s long experience in telemetry and wireless data communications.

Development plans involve a series of solutions that combine trailer and in-cab data collection.

According to ASLH managing director Bill Berry, the logistics sector is considered a big growth area over the next few years, presenting both companies with an ideal platform to bring new technology to market.

ASLH products include wireless communication CANbus dataloggers allowing collection of data from vehicle sensors and connection to tachographs and in-cab terminals.

Secureseal’s systems provide live data via RFID, including trailer ID, security seal status and chilled compartment temperature.

The combination of the respective technologies will provide a complete vehicle and trailer management capability.

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