Europe News: New study identifies UK congestion hotspots

Europe News: New study identifies UK congestion hotspots

According to Trafficmaster spokesman Philip Hale, bypassing known congested roads can save up to four hours a month in travelling time.

A new report launched by Trafficmaster and the RAC Foundation has identified the southern end of the M1 as Britain’s worst congestion hotspot.

The first UK Congestion Report reveals Britain’s top five congestion hotspots and assesses average journey times on the country’s major routes.

Trafficmaster conducted a virtual study of some of the nations most popular journeys over a seven-day period, comparing the typical route used by most drivers with another parallel, less obvious option. The study shows many of the supposed faster routes actually meant arriving between twenty minutes and two-and-a-half hours later, often because they are either indirect or run through congestion hotspots.

The RAC Foundation research for the report found that while 20% of company car drivers spend more than five hours a week in congestion, not all employers are supportive over flexible work practices to avoid commuting.

RAC Foundation executive director Edmund King said that driving smarter by using traffic information and in-car technology to avoid the worst congestion is one way to address the issue. However, flexible working hours can also reduce traffic congestion during normal peak hours.

Trafficmaster and the RAC Foundation will monitor traffic levels on National Work From Home day on Friday, May 18th, to ascertain whether traffic levels actually fall.

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