Europe News: NAVTEQ provides map consulting for EC telematics project Com2React

Europe News:  NAVTEQ provides map consulting for EC telematics project Com2React

NAVTEQ is part of a consortium driving the EC-funded Com2React project, which aims to develop a new solution and standard for traffic management on a European scale.

The thirteen members of the Com2React project consortium are: Motorola Israel (project co-ordinator), ARTTIC, Transver, Polytechnic University of Munich, Germany, INRIA, Ecole des Mines de Paris/ARMINES, PSA Peugeot Citroen, DMR Consulting, Intempora, JTMT, Sphericon, Telefónica and NAVTEQ.

NAVTEQ’s role in the project includes delivery of a digital map of the Munich test site, consultancy in the implementation of digital maps for Com2React applications such as "Congestion Hazard" and "Obstacles Hazard", and general advice in the development of navigation systems functionalities such as Transver for "Regional Routing at RCC" and Intempora for "Local Routing".

NAVTEQ is also providing its ADASRP software that will be key to the Com2React In-Car system.

Com2React is a three-level system that exploits information collected through in-vehicle sensors to provide timely information about road and environment conditions and develop traffic forecasts and warnings. The system is based on virtual under-structures or sub-centres (VSC), a set of moving vehicles communicating with each other, used for local traffic control.

A ramified structure allows VSC to collect, process and communicate complete and detailed data obtained by monitoring real-time vehicles equipped with REACT sensors. Once collected, the data is transmitted to a central server located in a master vehicle in charge of the aggregation and analysis of local traffic and road conditions. Results are made available to drivers who receive automatic updates.

At the same time, collected data is sent to Regional Control Centres (RCC) where it is further processed to develop traffic forecasts and re-distributed regionally to drivers.

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