Europe News: Navigon 8110 offers 3D mobile navigation


For the first time ever, Panorama View3D continually shows a 3D view of the entire route, with mountains and valleys en route displayed as they appear in real life, and bridges and tunnels displayed on the road layout.

Reality View Pro provides an even more realistic display of awkward motorway junctions and the correct exits.

The new Lane Assistant Pro provides a view of the road beyond the junction, as well as showing the correct lane to take at the junction itself.

In other news, Navigon FreshMaps is a service that will inform users when updated route information becomes available.

More than 1,000 km of infrastructure changes every year in Europe, including several thousand miles of roads. Navigon users will now be able to download an updated full data package from NAVTEQ every three months. The updates, covering the whole of Europe, include the full map content, with road data for new and altered roads.

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