Europe News: Masternaut supports Igloo Thermo-Logistics

Europe News:  Masternaut supports Igloo Thermo-Logistics

Igloo Thermo-Logistics, specialist service providers for the food and pharmaceutical industries, has invested in a web-based vehicle management system from Masternaut.

Masternaut’s satellite tracking, temperature-monitoring equipment and high-speed communications enable live monitoring of the precise temperature and location of every individual consignment from collection to delivery, giving Igloo 24/7 real-time visibility of its time- and temperature-critical mobile operation.

Igloo managing director Anthony Coates-Smith and co-founder Alistair Turner recently appeared on the BBC program Dragon’s Den, where entrepreneurs present innovative ideas in an attempt to get the judges (the Dragons, who are generally wealthy people with their own money to invest) to award funding for new businesses.

After receiving offer and counter offer from all five Dragons, Coates-Smith and Turner eventually accepted a joint investment of £160,000 from Glaswegian entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne OBE and Australian multi-millionaire Richard Farleigh, in return for a 22.5% stake in the business.

Since appearing on Dragon’s Den, the company has opened a new chilled storage and distribution facility in Leeds and plans to open a third site later this year.

“This development is due in part to the investment received, which, by the way, Duncan Bannatyne has been quoted as saying ‘is the best I ever made’, and in part to the recent award of large contract by Leeds City Council,” said Coates-Smith. “Our successful tender was based on our proven track record for temperature-controlled transportation supported by our investment in the Masternaut solution.”

Igloo specialises in providing single or multi-temperature transportation services to the food and pharmaceutical industries including multi-temperature secure storage facilities, dedicated distribution service and same-day emergency guarantee.

With an ever-expanding customer base, the company has a growing fleet of vehicles ranging from a refrigerated Smart Car, small, medium, large and box vans, through to 7.5 tonne trucks with payload capacities of 2,700kg.

Igloo undertook a six-month live field trial of the Masternaut solution, and, according to Coates-Smith, the solution saves the company money on a daily basis.

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