Europe News: Masternaut helps drive greener fleets

Europe News:  Masternaut helps drive greener fleets

Masternaut has launched a new initiative – GreenerFleet – to help fleet operators reduce their carbon footprint.

Masternaut’s real-time tracking already enables businesses to monitor excess engine idling, identify poor driving practices and reduce unnecessary road miles, and its satellite navigation helps to eliminate unnecessary miles driven by drivers who get lost.

With GreenerFleet, Masternaut has developed a range of tools to provide a measurement and management solution designed specifically to reduce carbon emissions.

Environmental reports display the performance of individual vehicles, drivers and routes, allowing managers to take proactive steps to run more efficiently including selecting the shortest and most cost effective routes.

Features also include text alerts that can be sent automatically to drivers who have been idling for a long time. These fuel savings add up over time for an entire fleet equating to potentially huge carbon emission reductions.

One important GreenerFleet tool under development is a live ‘carbon calculator’. Masternaut already captures accurate vehicle mileage, and by linking this information to the known carbon output per km for each vehicle, Masternaut will be able to provide daily, weekly or monthly carbon footprint figures for each vehicle and driver.

Masternaut GreenerFleet will also help companies meet the requirements for ISO 14001 accreditation which recognises companies who show a commitment to improving their environmental performance.

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