Europe News: Masternaut and Road Angel sign £5m agreement

Europe News: Masternaut and Road Angel sign £5m agreement

Masternaut has signed an exclusive £5 million agreement with Road Angel, covering the supply of Road Angel’s new Nav 9000 Professional, a device that combines sat nav with advanced driver safety features including safety camera and accident blackspot alerts.

The Nav 9000 Professional alerts the driver to safety hazards on route. Real time alerts include the location of safety cameras and accident blackspots, speed limits, congestion, roadworks and adverse weather that may affect driving conditions.

“Road Angel has developed a combination of hardware, software and data that delivers sophisticated navigation and safety information directly to the driver as it is needed,” said Masternaut UK managing director, Martin Port. “This device is the perfect platform for our mobile applications.”

Masternaut’s driver and vehicle management services include online vehicle tracking, in-car navigation, job scheduling, driver messaging and customisable activity alerts and management reports.

Following its recent acquisition of GE Mobile Solutions, Masternaut is also developing a range of products based on the company’s Three-X technology to enable the instant, accurate and secure exchange of business-critical information between office based and mobile personnel, which will run on the Nav 9000 Professional.

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