Europe News: ITIS acquires Trafficlink for £10.5m

Europe News:  ITIS acquires Trafficlink for £10.5m

ITIS has acquired its industry partner, Trafficlink, for £10.5 million in cash plus a payment of up to £6 million depending on performance, deferred until June 2009.

ITIS and Trafficlink have worked closely through various data-sharing initiatives for more than five years.

The combination of Trafficlink's traveller information (which identifies the cause of delays), aggregated with ITIS's FVD capability (which reports the effects of the incident) reinforces the demand from customers for the provision of a wider picture to enable drivers to make safe and intelligent decisions about their journey.

Whilst the previous arrangements between ITIS and Trafficlink have been commercially successful for both parties, ITIS believes that the pace of development and new competitive environment makes it the right time to control the end-to-end data quality and business model.

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