Europe News: Industry focused event will answer the question: What do LCV fleets want from a management system?

Europe News:  Industry focused event will answer the question: What do LCV fleets want from a management system?

“The big challenge for telematics suppliers in the LCV market is the lack of a unified customer market. The 'service' cluster consists of various industries, all of which have their own unique requirements when it comes to telematics solutions,

On November 8th – 9th, Telematics Update’s LCV Management 2007 conference will address the opportunities and challenges for this market and the fleet management industry.

The UK Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) market is growing fast and will continue to do so for the next decade. It is the largest segment of the commercial vehicle market, with 3.1 million LCV’s on UK roads, but a mere 9% of these vehicles have fleet management systems installed.

In order to achieve the optimum success in this market, it is necessary to understand its needs and the motivations driving these needs.

There are new market drivers paving the way for increased sales in the fleet management industry. With the government piling on the pressure with Duty of Care, the LCV market needs appropriate tools to ensure compliance.

“Businesses have a Duty of Care under the law to protect others from harm, which includes managing the safety and welfare of their drivers. The integration of telematics into a fleet will help give fleet operators a window on previously ‘unknown’ information to identify their fleets’ exposure to risk, and to support discussions with their drivers based on the information provided,” says Julie Perry, Telematics Business Manager, Norwich Union – who will be a keynote speaker at LCV Management 2007.

Along with these new opportunities come widespread challenges. The adjustment in services between those offered to the “white van man” and those provided to the trucking sector is ongoing. Due to the massive number of LCV’s on the road and the varied needs of different business types, there is an apparent need to tailor systems to accommodate the requirements of different vertical markets.

There are also downfalls when it comes to price and after-sales service. The culture of the fleet management industry is increasingly becoming focused on ‘pittance-per-day’ tracking. While this is the competitive nature of the industry, it is proving unsustainable for many service providers who are finding themselves in a financial pickle. In such a fragmented industry there are inevitable impacts on market perception, even more so when the after-sales service fails to deliver according to the needs of LCV operators.

Telematics Update’s LCV Management 2007 conference has been created as a platform for visionary companies to capitalise on the major opportunities in the UK LCV market. The opportunity to hear from real end users and hear first hand what they want from the telematics industry makes LCV Management 2007 an unmissable event for businesses keen to access profits in the LCV segment!

To learn more about the conference, the topics and the confirmed speakers visit:

The confirmed speakers include senior executives from Norwich Union, The Carphone Warehouse, BP, HM Revenue & Customs, TomTom WORK, Masternaut and more.

For more information about this event, e-mail Puja Pankhania at or phone +44 207 375 7563, or US toll-free: 1 800 814 3459 ext 251.

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