Europe News: Fleets’ CO2 profiles now viewable online

Europe News:  Fleets’ CO2 profiles now viewable online

An enhanced version of GE Capital Solutions, Fleet Services’ iManage fleet management tool enables the live CO2 profile of fleet to be seen online.

The new version of iManage – which has been adopted by more than half of GE Fleet Services UK fleets since its launch – also allows fleets to be looked at in terms of their insurance groupings, NCAP ratings and driver age bands.

According to GE Fleet Services managing director Rich Green, iManage integrates information from eleven different countries in eight languages, allowing users to access management reports either consolidated across Europe or by country in minutes; an exercise which previously would have taken weeks to compile.

He said that these latest enhancements to iManage were made in response to customer requests. “The environment and risk management issues remain at the top of the fleet agenda, and we are now able to provide relevant and current information online.”

The new features added to the product also include the ability to look at drivers who are performing best and worst in terms of spend, maintenance costs to be examined by supplier, and rentals to be examined by vehicle category.

iManage presents key data on an entire fleet, individual vehicles and individual drivers, and the information can be measured over the last one, two or three years. Users can also set target costs and inventory numbers with upper and lower control limits.

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