Europe News: Eagle-i launches Monitor3 reporting system


Monitor3 moves away from the huge amounts of data and endless reams of printouts that characterise current systems, and provides the very latest in real-time, completely focused and tightly targeted management analysis.

The system measures performance against customer-specified KPIs and presents the data in a customisable dashboard display of information windows (widgets).

Users can select as many or as few of the windows as they need.

A single mouse click allows the user to access and drill down to an exception reporting level that displays the underlying data for the exceptions that have been identified. The user can then click through to the deepest level available and home in on individual incidents or incidents.

Monitor3 is hierarchical, enabling directors and senior managers to set access levels according to staff seniority.

The exception level reporting in Monitor3 is highly customisable and has the ability to:

  • Identify vehicles and drivers with excessive fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Analyse vehicle speeds against local speed limits
  • Verify business and private mileage for unauthorised usage and BIK compliance
  • Measure field sales or service staff performance against plan
  • Measure performance of individual sites or depots
  • Identify fleet idling costs
  • Measure contract mileage versus actual to prevent excess mileages
  • Provide detailed driving time analysis of drivers' hours
  • Provide verification of drivers' time sheets
  • Identify when and where demurrage thresholds are breached for heavy goods fleets to provide a management tool for billing

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