Europe News: Data Collection’s £1m vehicle maps UK road surfaces

Europe News: Data Collection’s £1m vehicle maps UK road surfaces

Highways surveying company Data Collection has purchased a £1 million vehicle to laser map road surfaces across the UK.

The vehicle is equipped with a laser scanner and military-grade satellite positioning technology, which will map the condition of road surfaces in more detail than ever before, helping highway authorities to improve road maintenance.

Named ARAN2 and incorporating technology from Canadian firm Roadware, the vehicle is the second ARAN in the company’s fleet and the 87th ARAN built worldwide.

The ARAN’s system offers highly accurate satellite positioning using high-specification GPS technology that requires special permission for use from the US military. The vehicle also employs ground penetrating radar and an advanced surface laser scanner to capture profile data that is considerably more accurate than before.

The ARAN can survey at traffic speed and the vehicle is equipped with new technology seen for the first time in the UK.

Data Collection is just one of three UK companies equipped to undertake government-specified surveying as part of a program called Surface Condition Assessment for the National Network of Roads (SCANNER).

SCANNER surveying captures data such as road geometry, surface profile, surface texture, edge deterioration and cracks.

These automated road surveys are required on all major roads in mainland Britain to provide data used to improve the way road maintenance is targeted.

One of the main benefits of the ARAN is that data can be processed more accurately for GIS use. The accurate location information allows the survey data to be matched with other highways data, such as records from on-foot highways defects surveys undertaken by local authorities.

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