Europe News: Cybit launches new positioning solutions company

Europe News: Cybit launches new positioning solutions company

Cybit has launched Cybit Positioning Solutions (CPS), the company formed following the recent acquisition of Thales Telematics to provide specialist telematics-based solutions to industries requiring precision location and positioning information.

The new CPS business unit will operate closely with BlueFinger, which was acquired by Cybit in 2006 and focuses primarily on maritime industries, to extend its portfolio of solutions in precise positioning and radio-based technologies to companies in the oil and gas exploration, precision agriculture, mining, airport operations and maritime industries.

CPS will enable organisations to precisely locate and track prospecting operations (oil and gas industries), to manage busy operations (e.g. ports and harbours), or to comply with health and safety regulations.

Cybit will continue to supply and support the new web-based Asset Locator solution, formerly

According to Cybit CEO Richard Horsman, the addition of radio frequency-based tracking products enhances the accuracy of GPS-derived positioning data, which will open up new markets for Cybit where specialist solutions are required.

CPS will provide systems that combine highly accurate location information using GPS-based solutions with robust tracking based on radio frequencies in the VHF and UHF bands that provide position accuracy to sub-metre levels.

The use of regional or local dedicated networks makes the systems free-to-air and allows independent communications that do not rely on public access networks.

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