Europe News: CVIS survey report examines motorists’ opinions of safety systems

Europe News:  CVIS survey report examines motorists’ opinions of safety systems

According to the results of a survey conducted in twelve European countries, data privacy is still one of the main concerns of motorists using e-Safety systems.

8,000 motorists from twelve European countries took part in the Safety-Technopro/ERTICO – ITS Europe coordinated CVIS project survey, which aimed at analysing the level of knowledge and acceptance of current and future safety systems, applied to the field of motoring.

The report was carried out on the basis of two surveys distributed by auto clubs in Norway, Croatia, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Austria and Italy.

The survey assessed the level of knowledge and attitudes of motorists in respect of existing (SafetyTechnoPro) and future eSafety systems (CVIS).

One of the main conclusions of the study is the urgent need to provide users with more information on the applications that offer more safety and an increased chance of saving lives in the event of a road accident.

CVIS applications to be fitted into future vehicles were considered to be useful or very useful by more than 56% of the survey respondents.

Applications dealing with travel time and safety were given the most value, with the top position going to a system that allows motorists to receive information on the condition of the road as well as incidents (e.g. sharing pictures of the road conditions or creating a database on road conditions).

Travel assistance service, which allows motorists to plan travel routes and helps traffic control centres to predict possible points of congestion or conflict, came in second. This was particularly significant since 73.8% of the European motorists questioned said that they plan their travels well in advance and that the Cooperative Travel Assistance system (CTA), when used to complement a navigation device while travelling, would be very useful.

Those surveyed in Italy, Portugal and Croatia ranked the highest in willingness to pay for the future e-safety applications proposed in the CVIS project, while those surveyed in Switzerland ranked the lowest.

One conclusion of the study highlights the importance of data privacy. 60% of the surveyed drivers indicated a willingness to collaborate in order to implement cooperative systems, as long as this does not involve the exchange of personal data.

Those surveyed in Switzerland, Germany and Austria were the least accepting of the new systems, should they violate people’s privacy.

Click here to download the survey report.

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