Europe News: Can consumers finally see the true value and power of sophisticated in-vehicle infotainment services?

Europe News:  Can consumers finally see the true value and power of sophisticated in-vehicle infotainment services?

The leading telematics conference aims to provide industry execs with the answer this September.

Several recent market studies suggest that global demand for automotive electronics is projected to advance faster than vehicle production itself in the next few years. This creates big profit potential for advanced in-car infotainment – which is the main theme of the automotive business conference, Telematics Europe 2007 to be held on September 4-5 in Berlin.

We are at the start of a new age of digital cars where advanced computing platforms will be available in more vehicles than ever before. Tapping into the possibilities and profits this creates for in-car infotainment has only just begun. If the right steps are taken today to enable integrated vehicle computing platforms, real-time information, communications and content advances will finally flourish inside the vehicle and in-car infotainment will finally bridge the gap between home and office and bring in big profits for all the players involved.

But there are still a number of questions that need to be solved now in order to push the industry forward

  • Can the automotive industry cope with the monstrous explosion of consumer electronics and portable devices?
  • Can consumer awareness and interest in telematics features and products be raised to high enough levels to see mass adoption?
  • Is it possible to lower system prices whilst keeping compelling functionality and high quality feel?
  • What infotainment applications and features will help you sell more systems?

Telematics Europe 2007, Europe’s largest telematics and in-car infotainment conference, has been designed to provide the automotive industry with a meeting place to hammer out the solutions to all these questions and more – with the aim of making telematics and infotainment a must-have option for all new car buyers in 2010.

Telematics is not a new technology, but its potential is only now starting to be realised. Hardware complexity, multiple standards, weak wireless coverage and a lack of co-operation between key companies have long restricted telematics to basic security and safety features. But perhaps the biggest factor has been that there was no evidence that consumers have would pay for these services – which made investing in telematics for infotainment a risky, high-cost play for car makers.

The time is now …
Recently though, more and more consumers are bringing their portable navigation systems, MP3 players, smartphones and mobile PC devices into the car and using them for infotainment services. Now really is the time to push forward and capitalise on the value and enjoyment users are getting from these devices, which have, to date, effectively acted as a teaser. Now consumers can finally see the true value and power of sophisticated in-vehicle infotainment services.

Today, a sophisticated infrastructure of suppliers and providers are in place, enabling automotive companies to develop the products they need to stay in the game. Rather than let these portable devices replace in-cab electronics, automakers have the opportunity to create flexible platforms that can enhance portable systems – resulting in personalised, sophisticated infotainment and location based solutions.

Companies across the automotive world are currently laying the foundations that will build the world of the fully connected car.

At the Telematics Europe 2007 business conference, attendees will hear all the information they need to map out their strategy for the next few years. Topics covered include:

  • The capabilities of current and near future wireless technologies
  • Value chain evolution, who holds the future in their hands and what the smart partnership choices are
  • How close the industry is to a unified vehicle computing platform
  • Plans on how to extend digital home entertainment services to consumer vehicles

Confirmed speakers include some of the biggest and best names in the industry: Texas Instruments, PTV, Gracenote, Audi, Gartner, Vodafone, Delphi-Grundig, Siemens VDO, Harman-Becker, Panasonic and more.

About Telematics Update:
Telematics Update’s business-to-business conferences are must-attend events for everyone who is anyone in the industry. Over the past six years, thousands of senior executives the world over have come to Telematics Update events to meet new clients, gather critical industry information and stay one step ahead of the competition. With programs developed through first hand research with hundreds of industry leaders and executives, the topics covered are laser focused on the real marketing and technological challenges facing the industry. Telematics Update is completely unbiased – neither industry consultants nor affiliated with any industry companies. The company has no angle to sell. It’s aim is simply to provide automotive executives with the most relevant and well balanced conference programs, the best high-level speakers and the most valuable networking opportunities.

Telematics Europe will be co-located with the IFA trade fair in Berlin – the world’s largest consumer electronics show.

To book tickets to Europe’s largest event focused on in-car infotainment visit or contact Telematics Update on +44 (0) 207 375 7575 or [email protected]

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