Ericsson Developing Electric Connected Autonomous Trucks

Ericsson Developing Electric Connected Autonomous Trucks

Ericsson is collaborating with a Swedish AV start-up and a telco to develop all-electric autonomous trucks with 5G connectivity.

The company is working with Einride and Telia at a DB Schenker logistics site in Jönköping, Sweden. It is testing the compatibility of its Cloud Core 5G and Radio System with Einride’s T-pod AV. It hopes Cloud Core will be able to power an initial commercial deployment of the start-up’s autonomous electric transportation (AET) system.

DB Schenker chief operating officer Ewald Kaiser said the move represents “a milestone in the transition to an intelligent transportation system which will be safe, cost-efficient, and sustainable. Autonomous, all-electric trucks on public roads is not a dream anymore”. Einride founder and CEO Robert Falck claimed the T-pod’s commercial deployment would presage “a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions and the elimination of nitrogen oxide emissions”.

Ericsson head of new businesses Åsa Tamsons said 5G’s increased data capacity and reduced delay rate meant it could take fleet AVs “to the next level … drive cost efficiencies, improve safety, and create a sustainable future”. An Ericsson statement claimed the T-pod could replace over 60% of vehicles “with a cost-competitive and sustainable alternative”.


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