End of the road for Navigon PNDs in the US

End of the road for Navigon PNDs in the US

After a number of European publications indicated that Navigon planned to leave the US market, Navigon's PR manager, Johan-Till Broer, confirmed to PC Magazine that the company is indeed going to exit the US PND market.

And Navigon's CEO Egon Minar told GPS Business News that the decision is due to "the difficult economic environment and the aggressive pricing.

However, he confirmed that the Chicago office will remain open, and will focus on Navigon's automotive and mobile phone businesses.

Navigon recently signed an agreement with T-Mobile in Germany to equip many Smartphones with its MobileNavigator 7 navigation software. GPS Business news said that Minar is now looking at extending this deal in North America – a market that Europe-based Wayfinder and Telmap have not yet managed to crack.

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