Embedded navigation to stick around, say panellists

It may seem like the flurry of vehicles getting Android Auto and/or Apple CarPlay integration quickly will make embedded navigation systems obsolete.

But panellists representing some embedded navigation-system suppliers defend their products, telling the crowd at the 2017 WardsAuto User Experience conference to not believe the hype.

“Many people thought CarPlay and Android Auto would mean the end, or at least the contraction, of in-dash navigation, (but) I haven’t seen any OEMs back off from plans to do in-vehicle navigation…we still see this as a growing segment and one we continue to invest in,” says Kip Dondlinger, product manager and user experience manager-Garmin.

He cites several issues with relying on Android Auto and Apple Carplay for navigation, including the still-patchy availability of 4G LTE WiFi in vehicles, as well as smartphones with operating systems that are incompatible. Buying cables and connectors every time a driver gets a new phone, a new car, or both, also is a pain point, he says. This article first appeared in WardsAuto.

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