Electronics, AI Companies Partner for Infotainment System

Electronics, AI Companies Partner for Infotainment System

An electronics heavy hitter and a robotics company are joining forces to launch an infotainment system offering advertisers additional metadata on vehicle occupants.

At next month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, LG Electronics and Audioburst are due to unveil a new system they claim can gather “advanced metadata” on the content a vehicle’s occupants are streaming. It says this metadata will take the form of “keywords, entities, properties, features, and sentiments”.

LG is producing the system’s hardware and the software will incorporate Audioburst’s Deep Analysis API, which aims to provide advertisers with “an additional layer of metadata categorization” so they can target content at a vehicle’s occupants more effectively. Audioburst says its platform can produce over 28 million items of data in 24 hours.

Audioburst vice-president of marketing and partnerships Assaf Gad said his company was “excited to … collaborate with brands to better understand consumer behavior and listening experiences”.

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