Electrified Powertrains Surge Into Tokyo Show

A host of electrified vehicles from Japanese automakers have made their debut at this week’s 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

Mazda has launched the MX-30, its first electric vehicle, which has been developed for customers who don’t want to sacrifice driving pleasure when they buy an electric car, according to the company. It claims a 130 miles of range, somewhat less than its direct competitorsand a 35.5kWh battery which has been integrated to the car’s chassis claiming to add stiffness and dynamic response.

Nissan, meanwhile, hasn’t announced any production models but has two concepts, the IMk and the Ariya. The IMk is an urban city car concept which the company showed off in pictures a few weeks ago, while the Ariya is an SUV crossover which has twin electric motors, although Nissan hasn’t specified the power output or battery size. Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 ADAS also allows for hands-off single lane highway driving with interior lighting indicating whether the driver can take their hands off the wheel or not.

Mitsubishi has also been busy, unveiling MI-TECH Concept , a plug-in hybrid SUV with a gas turbine and quad electric motors. Mitsubishi opted for the unusual powertrain choice citing its low emissions and ability to run on a variety of fuels. It has a quad motor 4WD system of unspecified power, plus an ADAS system for assisted highway driving.

Finally, Honda’s announced a new Jazz, with the car now only available with a hybrid powertrain. It’s fitted with two electric motors, which Honda says should enable “effortless driving performance”. However, the Japanese automaker has not specified the battery size or electric-only range. The company has also said it plans to electrify its entire lineup by 2022 but that is a whole three years after Volvo, which electrified its lineup this year.

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