E-Bus Manufacturer Claims Cheaper Running Costs Over Diesel

Equipmake has claimed its electric bus architecture will be cheaper to run over the vehicle’s lifespan than a conventional diesel alternative.

The E-Bus has twin ‘APM200’ motors making 440kW overall, producing 663ft-lbs of torque and a maximum motor speed of 7,000 rpm – similar power to its competitors, but down on torque, although the instant torque from the electric motors will surely come in handy.

Equipmake says the powertrain is liquid-cooled, allowing power to be produced more consistently. It also means thermal energy can be stored and used to heat the bus during colder periods, putting less strain on the 315kWh battery.

Additionally, the battery cooling and resulting efficiency means the bus can last for one day’s use without needing to be recharged. A standard 380V three-phase AC charger is used to charge the bus, taking around 5 hours to fully charge the vehicle, although the powertrain and battery will accept fast charging as well.

The first E-Bus will roll off the production line next year and will hit roads in 2021, with double-decker versions also being planned.

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