Telematics Giants Partner for Driver Safety Tech

Telematics Giants Partner for Driver Safety Tech

Two automotive tech heavy hitters are joining forces to launch software that aims to reduce driver distractions caused by mobile technology.

California’s CalAmp says it has licensed intellectual property from Colorado’s Katasi to develop the software. It will be launched under the former company’s brand name as either a stand-alone program or bundled in with other CalAmp packages already available.

Katasi CEO Scott Tibbitts claims it “can stop distractions before they reach a driver’s phone”. It purportedly works by using the tech the company’s licensed from Katasi to connect with other CalAmp telematics products to prevent SMS messages being sent to the driver’s smartphone “at the source network level”.

CalAmp claims the latter aspect of the tech is what will distinguish the software from existing distraction prevention programs. It also says it will “provide a more robust distracted driving avoidance solution for any customer whose telematics services are powered by CalAmp technology”. However revolutionary this new technology is, it is ostensibly only intended to reduce the likelihood of distraction-caused collisions among drivers who are already CalAmp customers.

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