Digital Bulldog is Mini’s Personal Assistant

In keeping with Mini’s ‘cuddly’ persona, the brand has launched a digital dog as its new in-cabin personal assistant.

Spike, heralded as the canine friend of the brand, is reimagined and brought to life in the digital world. Suitably as a English Bulldog, he is there to guide consumers through the operating concept of the future Mini model family. Spike makes his first major appearance at next week’s Auto Shanghai international trade fair in China.

Spike has been accompanying the British brand’s story since the modern version of the Mini first debuted in 2001. Aside from a huge mannequin, or art toy, of him at the show, Spike will also be appearing as an active protagonist in the cockpit of the new Mini Concept Aceman appearing to the public for the first time on the circular OLED central display and dashboard. The launch of the brand’s new model family hopes to strengthen the vehicle’s connection with drivers’ individual lifestyles.

Oliver Heilmer, head of Mini Design, said: “Mini will always be synonymous with emotions and remarkable experiences. That’s why we are now taking Spike into the future as a digital character. And he is not just a design experiment – he is becoming a characterful companion for the user experience.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


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